Comments on 2004 Belgian GP

by Maximiliano Catania/FUNO
Buenos Aires (AR), 30 Aug 2004

Unreachable under each point of view, the seven titles obtained by Michael Schumacher (Ferrari) talk for themselves of such a record, which was born from a wordless combination of perfect machinery, right tyres, smart team and best driver up to date. The German, from Hürth-Hermülheim driver took his fifth consecutive F1 championship win due to his second place finish at the Belgian Grand Prix. It was a race with too many accidents from the very beginning. The GP got an additional spice as a by-product from the suspicious overusing on Michelin tyres which caused more coups de théâtre (Montoya, Coulthard, Button). The event was held at Spa-Francorchamps, circuit that did not take part of the 2003 F1 calendar and a very missed one by vintage car racing supporters. Kimi Räikkönen (McLaren-Mercedes) took profit from every in-his-favour circumstance - albeit starting from 10th grid position - and led his team to victory after an unsuccessful year gap. On the other hand, logic ruled over Rubens Barrichello's numerical hopes and the from São Paulo driver (3rd in race) had to yield his last chance to his team-mate. Michael Schumacher clinched the championship on each year of 21st century and he is said to be looking forward a retirement from motorsport.

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