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[O]: Brazilian driver Pizzonia, at Gálvez circuit. (Images, Drivers, Antônio Pizzonia, 2005, by Maximiliano Catania/FUNO!) PIZZONIA AND FORMULA 1 AT BUENOS AIRES
by Maximiliano Catania/FUNO!
Buenos Aires (AR), 30 Oct 2005

Invited by Petrobras company, Brazilian driver Antônio Pizzonia made driving tests of Formula 1 car Williams/BMW at Oscar Alfredo Gálvez Circuit, as a part of second edition of Buenos Aires 200 Kilometres' event.

Williams' test-driver showed the power of BMW V10 engine at the N° 7 circuit version, averaging 240 km/h.

Spanish driver Marc Gené made similar driving tests of Williams F1 car at the 200 Kilometres of 2004.

Weekend races at Gálvez circuit (Argentina's TC2000, Brazil's Stock Car V8) were taken part by many former F1 drivers, as Raul Boesel, Luciano Burti, Christian Fittipaldi, Norberto Fontana, Ingo Hoffmann, Chico Serra and Esteban Tuero.

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